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My wife and her friends who thought of the idea for this application.

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Recipes in World Introduction

List Tab Screen The main purpose of this application is to let you search for recipes that you want to use.

Being an application for the whole planet, I quickly realised it is not that useful when you are looking for a recipe that is from a particular area, uses particular food groups, is ok for vegans, so I introduced filters to limit the recipes you are looking at. 

Within the App there is a distinct Recipe editting section, this a section allows you to add your own cooking experiences to the information available through the application. The Recipe editing is a distinct part of the application you have choose to enter, and you can only edit information you have added.

This application was an adaptation of my TreksInWorld app(this Website is a copy of the Support Web site for that app, so if I starting  taking about treks I have forgotten to edit that bit).  I have thrown it open to the whole population of the world to document recipes that they use. In truth it is intended for the English speaking world in the first release. There is nothing to stop people from documenting their recipes in any language I suspect, I have not tried using it in Mandarin, but I would ask that you don't, that would not be in the spirit of sharing ! It does not have a translation capability !

Apple have got very tricky with automatically providing spell checking and other language specifics in their text editing fields, and to be honest I don't understand half of what is going on in English, let alone any foreign languages'. 

There are a variety of filters available and they can be applied cumulatively (ie all at the same time) to limit the recipes that appear in the list.


Please Note: This application is data heavy, it displays a lot of photos. The photos have been stored in a reduced resolution to limit the data consumption, it tries to only load what it has to to show you what you have selected but be forewarned.